The Spatial Convergence of Knowledge in Portugal

Gertrudes Saúde Guerreiro, António Bento Caleiro
International Journal of Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Volume 6, Issue 1, 1082, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ijfirm/138


Human resources are an essential element in territorial development. When these are characterized by a high level of training, they also enhance a number of effects in fundamental areas of binomial territorial-social cohesion. In this respect, the existence of higher education institutions throughout the territory allows the spread of human resources’ qualification but, by itself, does not guarantee the retention of these resources in different regions. Thus, the objective of this paper is to undertake a spatial analysis of convergence of knowledge through studying the evolution of the percentage of population with higher education in the periods elapsed between the last three censuses in Portugal. Although that percentage has risen appreciably, the convergence is shown to be (very) insignificant.

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