Interfirm Networks Franchising, Cooperatives and Strategic Alliances A Book Review

Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
International Journal of Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1146, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ijfirm/143


The objective of this work is to review the book “Interfirm Networks (Franchising, Cooperatives and Strategic Alliances)”, 978-3-319-10183-5, from Springer. Windsperger, J., Cliquet, G., Ehrmann, Th., Hendrikse, G., Editors of this book, assume in the presentation three main achievements : 1. Help to understand and successfully design interorganizational relationships, 2. In special chapters on franchising and cooperatives explain contract design, control and incentive issues, 3. The inclusion of new results on theoretical views on interfirm networks and their application in different industries.

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