Effect of Internal Marketing Mix on Healthcare, Banking and Educational Service Performance

Selvarasu A.
International Journal of Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Volume 7, Issue 1, 1255, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ijfirm/165


The explorative study on the effect of internal marketing mix on the involvement of internal customer with a giant metaphor mix using projective technique was an innovative research. Internal Marketing influencers such as vision, development, reward, empowerment and internal communication on internal customers’ services support, brand partnership and corporate ownership have been studied for its strength of relationships. The components of IM Mix have been matched with the giant metaphor mix such as the balance, journey, transformation, connection, container, resources and control. The study areas have been maintained as healthcare, banking and educational services. The findings of the study have given scope for improving the existing scale for measuring IM Mix for services.

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